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Nov 19 2021


Moroccan cakes and pastries

The Moroccan cuisine is among the best in the world; it offers a wide variety of dishes, soliciting smell, sight and taste. In this blog we will try to focus more on The Moroccan pastry which brings together all traditional pastries from The Moroccan cuisine.

There is such a greatness floating around the Moroccan pastry covering each kind from all the corners of the country. The moment you get to taste one of them you get the feeling of gourmet bites, with subtle flavors, handcrafted with quality products. Confections from the best ingredients that make the richness of these oriental pastries: bursts of almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, pine nuts, rose water, orange blossom … Scents and textures cleverly juxtaposed for you offering a unique tasting.

There is something for all tastes and these Moroccan pastries will leave you dreamy especially when enjoyed around a good cup of mint tea.

The Moroccan pastry offers a great diversity of small nibble cookies, rather cupcakes than big cakes.

If you go to Morocco, know that these Moroccan goodies are often bought by weight. Depending on the city and the shop, count between 2$ per kg for the cheapest (chebakia for example) and up to 12$ per kg for the most expensive one (Moroccan pastries based on almonds are the most expensive, the price of the almond justifies the higher price).


Examples of Moroccan Pastries



This type is made from dough made from wheat flour. Fried in oil, it is then covered with honey and sprinkled with sesame seeds. It is certainly the least expensive Moroccan pastry. It is very common in Morocco and certainly the most widespread.

If you visit Morocco during the month of Ramadan (The fasting period of the year) you will notice that each Moroccan house will carry a variety of this kind of pastry representing a solid dish for breaking the fasting next to a plate of dates and “The Harira soup” which we will go through in one of our future blogs.


Sweet Fekkas with almonds and anise


Crunchy biscuit with sanded texture made with almonds, sesame seeds and anise.

The “Fekkas” in Moroccan pastry means a precooked biscuit, cut into thin slices and grilled in the oven.

Its sandy texture, slightly aniseed, adorned with its amber color and enhanced with golden sesame seeds promises a tasting in the pure Moroccan tradition.




A classic must of fine Moroccan pastry.

Triangles with almonds and honey, scented with orange blossom and covered with thin leaves of pastilla

“Briwatte” in Moroccan means “little envelope”. These are almonds delicately scented with orange blossom, covered with a very fine sheet of pastilla sprinkled with hot honey and orange blossom after cooking. The Briwattes can be of different shapes: triangular, rectangular or in the form of cigars.


Almonds Ghriba


Soft and fluffy macaron made from almonds and lemon zest.

It is said that the ghriba is the ancestor of the French almond macaroon. Lightly scented by lemon zest, its texture is very soft, finely cracked under its coat of icing sugar.

It is one of the classics of Moroccan pastry. With the gazelle horn and the honey briwatte, they form a trio that can always be found on traditional party tables.


Butter Ghriba 


Shortbread gourmet butter, aerial and melting

Often compared to Spanish montécao, the butter Ghriba is ideal to accompany a coffee. Sablé is very light, melting at will, it is noticeable by its gourmet perfume with butter. Once tasted, it is even difficult to stop!


Ghriba Classic gazelle horn (kaab ghezal)

Classic gazelle horn (kaab ghezal)


This soft and mellow jewel represents a symbol of traditional Moroccan pastry.

Symbol of the alliance between tradition and gluttony, these gazelle horns were created from a mix of spices, Arabic gum, roasted almonds and the natural essence of orange blossom.

The world of Moroccan pastry is vast and extremely rich. It is almost impossible to go through each kind but we will be open to your requests and suggestions so please feel free to share your comments with us and ask for more information in case it’s needed.

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