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Jun 19 2024

Fez Souks: A Shopper’s Guide to Moroccan Treasures

Fez Souks: A Shopper's Guide to Moroccan Treasures

Fez, the cultural heart of Morocco, is a shopper’s paradise with its vibrant souks (markets) offering a dazzling array of handcrafted goods, spices, and traditional Moroccan souvenirs.
Navigating these bustling alleyways can be overwhelming, but with our insider tips, you’ll be able to explore the souks like a pro and bring home unique treasures that capture the essence of Fez.


Bargaining: The Art of the Deal


Bargaining is an integral part of the shopping experience in the Fez souks. It’s important to remember that it’s not a confrontation, but rather a friendly negotiation. Start by offering about half the asking price and be prepared to meet somewhere in the middle. Keep in mind that the initial price is often inflated to allow for bargaining. Be polite, smile, and enjoy the process – it’s all part of the Moroccan shopping experience.

Finding Unique Souvenirs


Moroccan Dishes and Souk shoes

Moroccan Souk Pattern Dishes and Colorful

The Fez souks are a treasure trove of unique souvenirs , from traditional Moroccan lanterns and handwoven rugs to intricate leather goods and aromatic spices. Some must-visit shops include:

  • Nejjarine Museum of Wooden Arts and Crafts: Explore the history of Moroccan woodworking and find beautifully carved furniture and decorative pieces.
  • Chouara Tannery: Witness the ancient process of leather tanning and browse the vibrant selection of leather bags, slippers, and jackets.
  • Souk el Attarine: Immerse yourself in the scents of exotic spices, fragrant oils, and traditional Moroccan tea.


Avoiding Tourist Traps

While the Fez souks offer an authentic shopping experience, it’s important to be aware of tourist traps. Be cautious of shops that aggressively approach you or offer “special deals.” Stick to shops recommended by your hotel or tour guide, and always ask about the origin and quality of the produts before making a purchase.

Navigating the Souks

The Fez souks can be a maze-like labyrinth, so it’s helpful to have a map or guide to navigate the alleyways. Keep an eye out for landmarks like the Kairaouine Mosque or the Bab Boujloud gate to orient yourself. If you get lost, don’t hesitate to ask for directions from the friendly locals.

Packing Tips


When shopping in the Fez souks, it’s important to pack light and leave room in your luggage for your purchases. Bring a sturdy tote bag or backpack to carry your items, and consider purchasing a small suitcase or duffel bag to check on your return flight.

What you must know about the Souks of Fez, Morocco


Fez souk

Do you need a guide for Fez?

While hiring a licensed guide can be helpful for navigating the maze-like souks of Fez, especially for first-time visitors, it is not absolutely necessary.

The medina is well-marked with color-coded signposts indicating directions to palaces, gardens, monuments, and souks. Exploring on your own allows you to discover hidden gems and immerse yourself in the local culture at your own pace. However, be cautious of unlicensed guides looking to make commissions.

How many days in Fez is enough?

Most travelers recommend spending at least 2-3 days in Fez to fully experience the city’s rich history, culture, and cuisine. This allows time to explore the medina, visit key sights like the Kairaouine Mosque and Bou Inania Medersa, and take day trips to nearby attractions. However, the more time you have, the more you can delve into the city’s hidden corners and immerse yourself in the local way of life.

How to spend 2 days in Fez?

With 2 days in Fez, you can hit the highlights while still having time to wander and get lost in the medina’s maze of souks. On day 1, explore the medina’s main sights like the Kairaouine Mosque, Bou Inania Medersa, and the Nejjarine Museum of Wooden Arts and Crafts.

Spend the afternoon getting lost in the souks, stopping for mint tea and people-watching. On day 2, take a day trip to the nearby ancient ruins of Volubilis or the holy town of Moulay Idriss. In the afternoon, visit the Chouara Tannery and shop for unique leather goods.

Fes souk food

Moroccan Dates from Fez in particular are renowned for their flavor


What to buy from Fes

The Fez souks offer a wide variety of traditional Moroccan handicrafts and souvenirs, from leather goods and pottery to spices and textiles. Some top picks include:

  • Leather bags, slippers, and jackets from the Chouara Tannery
  • Intricate lamps and metalwork from the coppersmiths’ souk
  • Aromatic spices and teas from the Attarine Souk
  • Vibrant rugs and textiles
  • Argan oil and other natural beauty products
  • Silver and gold jewelry from the Silver and Gold Souks

When shopping, be prepared to bargain and stick to reputable merchants. Enjoy the process and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the souks.

All You Need to Discover Fez Souks and it’s Best Travel Gifts


The Fez souks offer a unique and unforgettable shopping experience, filled with vibrant colors, intoxicating scents, and friendly locals. By following our insider tips and embracing the art of bargaining, you’ll be able to navigate the souks with confidence and bring home treasures that will remind you of your Moroccan adventure for years to come.

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