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Morocco Desert Fun Club

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Explore Morocco and all the splendors this country has to offer, and we promise; you will be surprised by the diversity of the activities and breathtaking sightseeing you will offer yourself the chance to discover, and that’s by choosing to go on a tour with “DESERT FUN CLUB TOURS”.

Located in Fes, Morocco, Our club offers you all the luxury possible for the best prices you can find in the market.

We assure you as well the most comfortable vehicles, the friendliest and most experienced and knowledgeable drivers so you can have the smoothest ride throughout your entire travelling experience.

Morocco is one of the richest countries when it comes to history, arts and creativity, music backgrounds, cultural diversity, as well as the immensity of the choices and options when it comes to travelling and having some fun.

By opting for travelling with DESERT FUN CLUB TOURS you offer yourself to live the full experience because we have worked very hard to make of each tour we offer you a blend of the traditional and the modern experience.

The desert part of our beautiful country can never stop amaze you neither surprise you, so for that reason we tried to include a desert experience to most of our tours so we can give you the taste of that unique charm.

Doesn’t matter how long you will be in for, we have customized our tours and excursions so you will find the perfect tour that suites all your needs and also the time you have to travel.

Our fun club only works with the best, throughout your entire tour you will be spending your nights in the best Riads and hotels of the country, we care too much about our reputation and about your personal comfort so we take all the necessary precautions to assure you the best travelling conditions you would like to encounter.

We thought about everything and we know how your famous is the Moroccan cuisine so for that reason we have included cooking classes and charming dining experiences throughout each one of the nights you will be spending with us in every Riad or hotel you will be staying at.

While you are enjoying your desert experience you will be staying in the most magnificent camps you can come across with all the luxury possible so it can suite all your needs and liking.


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Morocco Desert Fun Club
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Morocco Desert Fun Club
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Morocco Desert Fun Club
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Morocco Desert Fun Club

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