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Dar Batha Museum

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Dar Batha Museum in Fes Medina

Dar Batha Museum is located in the heart of the medina, opposite the beautiful Bou Inania.

Before becoming a museum in 1915, the building was a beautiful palace of Arab-Andalusian style, built by Moulay el Hassan in the late nineteenth century.

This museum is full of treasures that reflect the traditional art of Fez and its region.

On the menu: carved wood, embroidery, zellige, wrought iron, jewelry, coins, carpets …

The wealth of Fassi craftsmanship is stunning!

These are many collections of Dar Batha Museum one of the most interesting Moroccan museums.

Must if you go through Fez during your stay.

The main attraction of this museum is the rich collection of ceramics and pottery, the most beautiful of the country.

Specialty of the city for over 1000 years, ceramics of Fez is famous for its blue color.

Called “Fez blue”, this color is obtained from cobalt.

The final surprise of the museum come from astronomical instruments called astrolabes.

This calculation tool was invented by Hipparchus, a Greek scholar of the second century BC.

It allowed to calculate the time according to the position of the stars.

Arab scholars took it in the tenth century and perfected in order to fix the hours of prayer based on sunrise and sunset.


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Dar Batha Museum
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Dar Batha Museum
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Dar Batha Museum
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Dar Batha Museum

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